Meet your marketing team!

Meet The team

Your New Marketing Reinforcement!


Social lord

Loves music creation and production. Non-stop social genius. In college.

Fun Fact

A millennial who loves alternative rock music from the '80s and '90s



Loves the outdoors, traveling, and simply cannot stay still! In Ohio State University.

Fun Fact

Has visited more than 135 cities around the world and keeps track of all of them!


Money stuff

Put simply; THE BOSS LADY! Oversees all the “money stuff” the rest of us dislike.

Fun Fact

Can memorize songs with ease and can imitate different Latin American accents.


content master

Creator of blogs, flipper of phrases, and all-round nerd. A passionate environmentalist.

Fun Fact

Hopes to start a nature sanctuary in the near future - and live in it!


The Chief Guy

The complaint receiver! Runs the place and helps maintain a healthy balance.

Fun Fact

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SEO Ninja

Now you see him, now you don’t. Working in the background and expert in technical-analytical.

Fun Fact

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Content champion

Content creator superhero! Loves humans, animals, exercising, and can’t wait to get a dog.

Fun Fact

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A master builder of words. Constructing marketing and advertising articles from scratch.

Fun Fact

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marketing Sensei

Problem solver. Creative specialist. Here to support and help everyone above succeed.

Fun Fact

Loves to read and has a small collection of around 400 physical and digital books!

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