When you’re looking to fill a position in your business, you’re probably interested in finding the most qualified candidate as quickly as possible. But you need to be careful about hiring too quickly without having assessed if the person will be the right fit for the position and the rest of your business. Making the wrong hiring decision can cost you thousands in wasted time and training on a person who will be unable to fulfill the expectations of the role. But there are ways that you can avoid making the wrong hiring decision.

Why You Need to Find the Right Person

Hiring is an expensive process. You have to advertise the job, take the time to interview people, and train the person that you finally hire. And then, if the person that you hired doesn’t work out, you’ll have to go through that process again. While it’s tempting to pick someone quickly and skip screening processes as a way to save time and money, you could end up paying for it in the long run.

You Should Use Pre Employment Assessments

Depending on the position you’re hiring for, you’ll need a different kind of assessment for each type of position. Regardless of position though, ensuring the applicant will be a good fit with pre employment assessments is of utmost importance. You need to find an applicant who has the ability to learn the skills they will need for the job. If you need a cashier, you might screen them to ensure that they have basic math skills. If you’re hiring for a position that requires writing skills, you’ll need to find out what their writing abilities are like.

Screen For Company Fit

Beyond having the necessary hard skills to do the job, you’ll want to make sure that they have an interest in your industry. You’ll also need to assess what kind of company culture they’re looking for. For instance, ensuring that your applicants understand the size of your company is key to finding an applicant who will stay. People who are interested in moving up in a company might see a small company as lacking potential for growth, so you need to ensure that you have an applicant that is comfortable with the job for a longer period of time.

If you’re looking for an employee, who will work out for at least a couple of years, make sure that you put the time in when you’re hiring. You can save yourself many hours and a lot of money a couple of months down the road if you find the right employee the first time.

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